And the winners are…

2017 Raffle winners

pulling the winning ticket

Chris Cushman sold himself the winning ticket and received $100

Vlase Pulushkin sold 240 tickets and will receive a $200 gift certificate to Homer Saw and Cycle

Casey Otis sold 180 tickets for second place and a $25 KBA punch card

The team to receive the pizza party is the 14U team having sold 1020 tickets.

Thank you for your years of service Cinda


This fall, Cinda Martin stepped down from her last HHA volunteer role as
finance committee member.

For over 10 years, she has been hockey mom and player,  Mariner manager, HHA
President and the backbone of the Kevin Bell Arena.

The Kevin Bell Arena would not exist without her unwavering determination,
intelligence and generosity.

Thank you Cinda, you are quite a Diva!