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Board Members

Board of Directors

Homer Hockey Association holds monthly board meetings at 6pm on the second Wednesday of each month in Kevin Bell Arena skate room  during the winter and at the Homer Foundation during the summer.

Active members in good standing of Homer Hockey Association are welcome and encouraged to attend board meetings.

Please contact the board Secretary to confirm the meeting time and location.


John Mink

President exp. 4/22

Phone: 512-701-1232

Justin Adams

Vice President exp. 4/21

Phone: 541-510-4286

Currently Vacant Treasurer

Currently Vacant Secretary

HHA Advisory Board Members

Mike Spencer

HHA Advisory Board Chair exp. 4/22

Jay Pearson

HHA Advisory Board Member exp. 4/21

Phone: 907-350-4522

Melanie Dufour

HHA Advisory Board Member exp. 4/21

Phone: 907-399-2333

KBA Advisory Board Members

Leslie Slater

KBA Advisory Board Chair exp. 4/21

Phone: 907-235-1279 (not text capable)

Dana Gregoire

KBA Advisory Board Member exp. 4/22

Phone: 907-299-1813

Tracey Knutson

KBA Advisory Board Member exp. 4/22

Additional Support

Ian Pitzman

Coach/Manager Coordinator exp. 4/21

Phone: 907-299-1159

Jackie Kondak

Equipment Manager

Joey Kraszeski


Heidi Stage


Drew McClure